Stuart W. Epperson Jr.



Stuart W. Epperson Jr. has been the Founder, President and CEO of Truth Broadcasting Corporation since its inception in 1998.  Truth Broadcasting Corporation, which is a current customer of the Company, operates 21 signals in seven markets including Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, Richmond, Salt Lake City, Des Moines and Myrtle Beach/Coastal Carolina in the following formats: Christian Talk (primary), Urban Gospel, Southern Gospel and Spanish.  From 1995-1998 Mr. Epperson Jr. was a Senior Account Executive at Clear Channel Communications and from 1993-1995 was an Account Executive at Multimedia Radio, Inc.  Mr. Epperson Jr. earned his B.A. in Communications from The Master’s College in 1992 and Master of Science, Broadcast Management from Bob Jones University in 1994.  Mr. Epperson Jr. is the author of “Last Words of Jesus” published by Worthy Press Publ. in the spring of 2015 and his upcoming “First Words of Jesus” will be published by the same publisher in the fall of 2016.  Additionally, Mr. Epperson Jr. currently sits on the Board of Directors for the National Religious Broadcasters, Persecution Project Foundation and Piedmont International University. Mr. Epperson Jr. is the son of Chairman Stuart W. Epperson, the nephew of CEO Edward G. Atsinger III and cousin of Director Edward C. Atsinger.

Mr. Epperson Jr. brings valuable radio and senior executive leadership experience to the Company.  In addition, Mr. Epperson Jr.’s operation of radio stations in similar formats to those of the Company will enable him to bring relevant experience related to our audiences and programmers.